Sant'Agnese Farm's Africa:
Non-Profit Donations for Kenya

The same passion and sentiment that drives us in our daily work here at Sant'Agnese Farm has carried forward to enable us to help many needy families in our second home: Kenya.

In January 2014, like every year, we were once again able to donate a part of Sant'Agnese Farm’s proceeds to the struggling families in Kenya’s bush, specifically in Maraffa. The harsh life of the population in this part of Africa touched our hearts and it has become our mission to do what we can to help. Carlo and I, together with our friends Rita and Silvano, rented a truck with which to transport food and essential supplies to the most isolated areas. Seeing the smiles of the children and the joy in the eyes of the adults made the effort worth every sacrifice and hardship.

We know that it is just a drop in the ocean, but we hope to continue to increase our contributions – thanks also to the support of our customers, who by buying our products donate to the cause. It is our dream to make our mission in Kenya grow so that we can bring smiles to as many faces as possible!

Thank you all for participating in our project with your purchases,