Member's Card

Member's Card
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Dear Friend,
Do you want to become one of the Exclusive Members of Casanova and Sant’Agnese Farms ?

To thank you for your patronage, we are sending you a free gift: our Member’s Card, which will give you access to exclusive offers on all our promotions.
Free products, more discount for your orders and also with your Card Member 2% cashback + 2,5 SP (shopping points) for every 100 Euro spent on purchases.

If you want our Card Member, place an order on "Buy our Products" (in the checkout procedure type your birthday date and proceed to checkout), we will send you your Card Member with your order.

It is part of the LYONESS fidelity circuit with more than 7 million clients and 50.000 merchants from all sectors, in 48 countries around the world - including Italy and the USA!

Please note: this is not a credit card, but only a membership ID card for Casanova and Sant’Agnese Farms.

You will receive all members' promotions and gifts for an unlimited time, 2% CASHBACK on all our products up to 5% cashback on purchases made from all of the 50,000 businesses enrolled in the program: download the Lyoness Mobile app on your mobile to discover where all the businesses where you can use the card.

Virtual money used to purchase special deals offered by enrolled businesses. Up to € 10 savings per Shopping Point. In addition to this, you will have a friendship Bonus: 0.5% from purchases made by friends you have invited to join the Lyoness Circuit.

With our Casanova and Sant'Agnese Member's Card you can make online purchases from us and from other participating businesses, obtaining 2% in cash back refunds + 2.5 shopping points on every 100,00 $ purchase.

Only one card for all your shopping needs: gasoline, restaurants, hotels, airline tickets, food, clothing, leisure activities... just about everything!

Advantages for members of Casanova and Sant'Agnese Farm

2% cash back + 2.5 SP (shopping points) for every 100 $ purchases.
Exclusive business advantages for those who want to know about a great market opportunity.

If you already have a Casanova and Sant'Agnese Member Card, you can use it when you place an order online.

First of all type the ID number of your card in the form and complete your order.
For each order you will receive a 2% cash back refund and 2.5 shopping points x 100 $

The shopping points will be accumulated on your Lyoness card and you will be able to use them as "virtual money" for special deals in all the businesses that are part of the Lyoness circuit - download the Lyoness Mobile app on your mobile to find where you can use your card.

Concerning the 2% cash back, you can choose if you want to receive it directly in your bank account (in this case you have to insert your bank details in your private Lyoness profile in the Lyoness website). Otherwise, you can also accumulate all the cash back credit on the card,together with your shopping point.

Next time you place an order on our website,or in an other Lyoness partner (see the app) after inserting your ID number, you will be asked if you would like to deduct your credit from the total amount of the current purchase.

Enjoy your shopping

You can find more informations on lyoness's web site
If you have a business, do what we did and become a welcome point for Lyoness - thanks to social shopping and Lyoness you will be able to attract regional, national and international consumers to your company and make them become loyal customers through the innovative fidelity program for small and medium sized businesses.
Increased sales and reduced costs are the advantages for participating companies. If you would like to learn more about the this opportunity, write to us at and we will gladly arrange an online meeting to discuss all the details regarding this great opportunity.

Below you can find more examples of categorized companies in the USA that belong to the Lyoness circuit:
- Travel
- Luxury Brands
- Restaurants & Entertainment

Member Card